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Acne is an unfortunate reality for so many individuals due to its prevalence across all ages; it’s even more difficult when you’re faced with persistent breakouts or major pimples, which might lead to permanent scaring on your face if left untreated.

Scarred from years past? Don’t fret! Dr Maan clinic offers the most effective treatment to reduce the appearance of acne scarring. It has been shown to be safe and side-effect-free for nearly all patients with mild, moderate, or severe facial scarring due to acne.

Learn about treatments to reduce the appearance of the most commonly found types of scarring in order to reclaim your confidence again!

What causes Acne Scars?

Many factors cause acne scarring, and sometimes it can be permanent. Acne does an exceptional job at damaging skin cells with the help of oil that clogs pores on your face — leading to acne breakouts. Once our body finally heals up (which might take weeks), we will produce extra collagen in order to repair this damage

Sometimes though, either too much or not enough collagen will end up being produced, which causes more problems for us than just minor blemishes!

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